Everyday it changes. Whether I sit in solitude or with friends, my hands aged and aching, my fingerprints worn away, my eyes straining to see what used to be clear,  I cannot get beyond the inner want to create. In my heart the peace I find with every tiny click of the needles, snip of the scissors, scoop of dirt or drip from the paint brush, making chips away the stress and worry that bears wearily upon my shoulders.  What draws us to make? Is the desire to leave a piece of us behind, a recognizable trace of our being, a product of an unrestful mind calmed by it’s making? I am sure that we all have our own answers but deep in my soul making has helped me to discover who I am and to realize that I have been blessed with a very secret power. I do not bare cape nor crown or badge of honor, though some days I feel like the Grinch who’s heart has grown ten times when I can share what I have created. Everyone here at Weekend Knits and More encourages you to share your making with us, be it near or far, because we are a community of like-minded souls by using the #weekendknitsandmore  or  #makingismysecretpower